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A la carte

Book the rental management service you need, no more

Opt for flexibility and choose à la carte services for your seasonal rental, without commitment.


7 € /month /housing

Storage in a local agency

  • Withdrawal management

  • Discount on owner information

  • Verification of identities

  • Owner notification


365 € /year

We sell, you do the receptive

  • Distribution on international sites

  • Trilingual telephone reception 7 days a week

  • Reservation contract management

  • Optimization of the filling rate


Package from €30/50m²  + €1/m²

Only with exit/reception service

  • Household organization

  • Verification of housing

  • Owner billing

  • Cleaning large surfaces on estimate


From 59€/50m² plus 1€/m²

We avoid you to move

  • Ventilation, possible cleaning (additional cost)

  • Starting/stopping interior equipment

  • Verification of housing

  • Exit outdoor furniture


€40 per intervention at your request + actual costs on invoice

Only with exit/reception service

  • Handling passenger requests

  • Fast troubleshooting

  • Information to the owner for works >200€

  • Cannot be booked without Exit/Welcome service


From 89€ / day of intervention or period

We replace you if you are not there.

  • Accommodation control

  • Delivery of keys 7 days a week

  • Housing operating information

  • Delivery of a welcome booklet (if provided)


10 € /person/rental period

Only with exit/reception service

  • Cleaning and recommissioning

  • Drop-off and pick-up at your accommodation

  • Owner billing

  • Cannot be booked without welcome service


149€ /accommodation

Optimize your ads

  • Professional photos

  • Optimized ad writing

  • Advice to increase the attractiveness of housing

  • Information legal obligations

The answers to your questions

Can I just order household management from you?

No, we only offer it to you if you book a reception/exit operation for travelers

Do you manage the tourist tax?

In the à la carte offer, it is impossible for us to manage this tax on your behalf.

You will therefore have to organize yourself to collect it and return it to the authorities concerned.

However, some platforms like AirBnb

collect it if the rental is carried out through them


What does the Passenger Exit and Reception service include?

This service corresponds to managing the departure of tenants and the arrival of the next tenant.

It systematically integrates a control visit of the accommodation and the management of the keys.

We can associate with this service, if necessary,

the delivery of linen for incoming and the management of the household.

It responds perfectly to a need for service

on site when your receptive solution is not available.

Why are the cleaning and linen options not billed to the tenant?

As we do not have a contract with the tenant, it is not possible for us to invoice him 

Why do you visit my accommodation for à la carte services?

All the accommodations for which we intervene are visited

by the caretaker who will be responsible for it.

Even in the case of the simple handing over of the keys,

he must be able to answer your tenants' questions.

In addition, all accommodation managed by our concierges must meet comfort criteria.

and minimum equipment.

Why are you charging for a marketing package?

Most concierge services hide from you that you will have inherent costs

the distribution of your advertisement  on the platforms.

These costs range from 3% to 15% per booking.

They are kept by the platform in case of cancellation by the customer.

By offering you a fixed price of 365 €, i.e. 1€ / day! ,

we undertake to release you from all these additional costs.

You fill

the online form
contact request

We visit

your accommodation within 72 hours
and we offer you a rental income

you sign

your contract online and we
immediately post your ad

The + of La Oliva Concierge
Local management with a network of large partners

The strength of a network and the professionalism of a real estate agency!

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