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For a service of confidence and excellence for the benefit of your guests and your property

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My name is Christophe, French by origin, I am a resident of the island of Fuerteventura in Corralejo, after having worked for several years in the large distribution, at the service of my customers, I was also cradled in a family of professionals in hotels, camping, catering to tourism services!

Passionate about contacts and organization, but also travel, it is naturally that today I offer my concierge services to individuals who have a second home, and to people who wish to spend the most beautiful stay on the island. from Fuerteventura

I decided some time ago now to put my suitcases on Fuerte and be able to take advantage of the mild climate, my tourist passions and to work by sharing these assets.

It is in this dynamic that I created in collaboration with Estelle tourist services company (excursions, stay packs, activities, escapes game) and it is therefore after reflection and to be complete that we decided to launch the LOC La Oliva Conciergerie service, to take care of holidaymakers from A to Z!

By launching a service of trust and excellence that is no longer reserved for luxury establishments, but accessible to individuals.

La Oliva Conciergerie is there to make your life easier, your holidays, thanks to its services in the North of the island of Fuerteventura on the community of La Oliva.

Secondary residences, main residences, transients, vacationers in this beautiful region, the Oliva Conciergerie like a hotel concierge is there to satisfy all your desires, to make your life easier.
Do you know the hassle of arriving at your second home or your main residence after a long absence?
Restore the house, do the cleaning, the bedding, go to the supermarket to fill the fridge, ventilate the house, garden, ... You only want to take full advantage of your house, your holidays, devote yourself to your family, your friends, your hobbies.

LOC is there for you with quality services and benefits that will make you fully enjoy your stay, and take care of your property with a strong and local network!

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